Hi. I am Zelda. And i am most definitely a self-proclaimed crazy dog lady.

But seriously. How awesome are these furry creatures that never exhaust of greeting us with the upmost enthusiasm, even if we are just returning from a quick shopping trip, or waking up in the morning.

I have two small guys. Tiny is a min pin mix, who has the appetite of a lion, the flexibility of a ballerina (no seriously) and the talking capabilities that makes anyone swoon.
Rio is a Dashund x Yorkie (Yorshie) and is the most particular, curios and fantastic little companion. They are both 11 and have been with me since I was 16 (do the math).

Soenchie has given me that undying excitement, an avenue to express both my creative abilities and my absolute passion for animals and their well-being. I also truly love connecting with like - minded humans who share the feelings of compassion and adoration for the little shnoo's.

So please share your moments with me, and join me in giving our furkids the best we possibly can.