About | Soenchie

Animal Lover and Creative busy bee

My Story

Each Soenchie piece is handmade by me, Zelda Brokensha.  I am a Cape Town based ceramicist and an animal lover with a passion for creating stylish functional pieces for you and your furkids.  I live with my husband and two furkids and love having a home studio, where I spend my days (and many early mornings) potting and listening to podcasts. My other hobbies include birding, gardening and I love spending time with friends and family. 


As with many of our much loved local artisans, I started doing pottery as a hobby.  A fun and creative outlet once a week that I looked forward to very much!  Soon after creating 2 bowls for my very own boys Tiny and Rio, I received a few requests for custom bowls from friends and family and soon found myself prepping for my very first market. Now I happily craft every day, adding new items as I develop my skills and discover what brings joy to our home, and hopefully to yours too. 


I am forever grateful for the art of ceramics, it has taught me to be patient, to go slow and keeps me on my toes, because no two things are ever quite the same!